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About Carolann McGough

My real estate journey started over 20 years ago when I purchased my first property. I found a beautiful Spanish-Style Historic home built in 1908.  I will never forget the day I found this beauty with the "for sale" sign on the front yard.  I didn't wait to call an Agent. I knocked on the front door and spoke with the owner and told him I wanted to purchase his property.  He gave me a tour on the spot. Within 30 days, I was through escrow and moved into this beautiful home. 

Here's where my story gets interesting.......

A month after moving in, there I was lounging on my sofa with a book in hand in my perfectly painted, uniquely designed home enjoying the first winter rainstorm. I've always loved the rain.  The sound, the smell, and the cleansing of the neighborhood. That was UNTIL rain started pouring through the ceiling in EVERY room in my home!  Seriously.  I had tupperware bowls everywhere!  

Looking back on my journey, I made some mistakes purchasing my first home. I have learned from those mistakes, have aligned with some incredible real estate mentors and investors, and want to help others successfully navigate their home ownership journey too. 

Fast forward to today...

My beautiful 1908 Spanish Style Home has a new purpose. Part of it has been converted to mid-term rentals.  I host traveling professionals from all over the world.  These professionals range from professional athletes, to corporate executives, to traveling nurses. As a former traveling professional, my goal is to help others create home while they are on the road while building my family's wealth through real estate.  My daughter, 9 years old, helps me with my business.

I am passionate about helping my clients do the same for themselves and their families.  Contact me to share your real estate dreams and goals.  Let's work together to make your dreams happen and help you and your family build generational wealth.  

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